Lost In The Trees - Rites

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I feel like I should probably have heard of Lost In The Trees prior to the track I'm writing about today, "Rites" appearing in my inbox. The song is so astonishingly beautiful that its maker's should definitely have been known to me the sooner. In fact, it's the lead track from the Chapel Hill quartet's forthcoming third LP.

Around a sparse, delicate backdrop the track's haunting lyrics are dripping in emotion that will touch the hardest of souls. There's little more than the repeated chorus of "Are You Sitting Down" and a calming wash of classical-inflected piano and some pared-down electronica here and yet "Rites" hits as hard as any sweeping epic, the perfect exercise in restraint.

A soundcloud search discovers another new track "Lady In White" which whilst being slightly less sombre thanks to some tight rhythmic percussion and meandering piano twinkles still creeps with orchestral and delicately layered atmosphere that I keep excepting to explode but never does, instead it fills the air with a similar level of melancholic beauty that Radiohead do so well.

Their album Past Life, from which both tracks are taken is released February 18th via Anti- and is available to pre-order here.