Lyla Foy #4 - Easy

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I've mentioned Lyla Foy here a few times before as WALL, seemingly a name dispute (or perhaps deciding the name was a little too un-Google friendly) means Lyla has dropped the moniker and has adopted the use of her real name, a technicality which comes coupled with the much more exciting news of a Sub Pop signing and a new song "Easy"...

The track is easily Lyla's best yet, building from the hushed, intimate debut EP Shoestring with the most expansive sound we've heard from Lyla to date, don't worry though, it still retains those earlier characteristics in all their glory. "Easy" is a soft, wounded beauty that sweeps you off your feet with an impeccably haunting vocal and enchanting instrumentation, luxurious and chilly, it almost makes you want to welcome the impending winter months ahead.

Easy is released on 18th November and the limited 7" can be pre-ordered now via Rough Trade. Lyla Foy headlines The Lexington on December 10th.