Marika Hackman #4 - Itchy Teeth


A couple of weeks ago I featured "Cinnamon", the first track from Marika Hackman's forthcoming EP Sugar Blind (out December 9th via Dirty Hit). To keep the confectionery titled-theme well and truly alive Marika has shared the second track from the release, the deceptively simple "Itchy Teeth".

The track echoes with eerie, choral instrumentation, little more than strummed guitar shimmers and atmospheric nuances, it provides a ghostly, haunted platform for Marika's softening whispers to creep up around you. Perhaps surprisingly the tempo doesn't change throughout, instead remaining sedate and increasingly atmospheric choosing to pull you in with its raw intimacy - it works to perfection.

A beautiful acoustic version of the track has also been released, it acts as a gentler, smoother accompaniment with the sinister edge changed for a lone acoustic, tugging at your heart-strings it confirms Marika as an artist to firmly keep an eye.