Megan Bonnell - New Music "Introducing

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I'd not heard of Megan Bonnell until last night, that's the magic of the Internet, there are so many (too many perhaps) artists to discover. I can vaguely remember the 'old' days where if you heard a track you liked you had to memorise a line of the words and then hope the guys in your local record shop had heard of it, or listen to the radio all day in the hope it was played again. Today though, you just look on your computer or point your smartphone at a speaker. It kind of remove some of the thrill and romance I think...

The reason I waffled on there is simple, if I was out and about fifteen years ago and heard Megan's track "Hunt and Chase", it'd would've introduced a voice that would have had me desperate to seek it out further.

I'll start by saying that "Hunt and Chase" is a little bit bonkers, it definitely is. Bristling with life amongst an ever-changing melody and theatrical instrumentation that skitters and flourishes with shimmering, illuminating brilliance. Megan has this striking, earthly voice which fits perfectly with the tracks accompanying video, a chase through a misty wood, it's Alice in Wonderland, compelling and fantastic.

Her album of the same name is out now in the US, us Brits will have to wait until early next year though, for now we've some more tracks to listen to on YouTube. My favourite of which is a live version of a track from the album "We Are Strangers Now". A track full of haunting emotion delivered with devastating intimacy as restrained instrumentation and Megan's heartfelt vocals sooth with blissful, thoughtful beauty. Don't miss out.