Misty Miller #2 - Perified


As long ago as February 2011 I did an introducing post on a young (then) folk-pop artist called Misty Miller. Since that debut album of whimsical, super-sweet ukulele driven material written whilst Misty was doing her GCSE's she's gone through a bit of re-birth with two EP releases earlier this year highlighting a maturing, dynamic growth to her sound. Girlfriend showcased a grungier, harder sound with super-charged guitar riffs and rock 'n roll attitude whilst the second Next To You a big improvement, a more restrained beauty with bluesy rhythms and soulful vocals.

"Petrified" a new demo though is better than both, a sparse, reverb-filled melody of little more than ringing guitar stirs emotions deep as Misty's heart-wrenching words of love lost and scared to reclaim are sure to connect with listeners of any age - the song written when she was just 15 and delivered with her finest, shiver-inducing vocal yet is sure to resonate with many.