Rachel Thomasin - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / rthomasin.bandcamp.com

The Gravitate EP is Rachel Thomasin's third release in a little over twelve months but serves as my introduction after coming across the Boston based singer-songwriter on Twitter of all places, it is her most recent release that I shall focus on today, a seven track mini-album that blends a beautiful, ethereal voice, soft guitar plucks and minimalist electronics to exquisite results.

The title-track reminds me of breathier Katie Stelmanis, a sparse mix of acoustic and icy synths introducing a slow burn mystique which pulls you in to it. There is a gentle and soothing dynamic that runs throughout the release, "Constellate" and "Raven Hymn" both full of creeping guitar and delicate percussion, combining a slightly eerie melody with Rachel's soft whispers with evocative simplicity.

My favourite could perhaps be "Something Is", an utterly entrancing and beautiful listen which immerses you in a frosty, tender world full of haunting chorus and dreamy bliss while closing track "Valerio" strips everything down to an finger-plucked intimacy that that perfectly compliements the frosty days ahead. The EP can be downloaded on a pay-what-you-like basis via Bandcamp, an offer you'd be silly to refuse.