Sea of Love #2 - Tired

At the turn of the year I posted an Introducing blog on Marie-Sophie Kanske's Sea of Love, a Dresden, Germany based singer-songwriter whom released a debut EP entitled So Loud that crossed the intimate, lovelorn mystique of Lykke Li with dark, brooding soundscapes akin to early Daughter material.

She returns with her second EP Tired (released tomorrow and available to order now via Sea of Love's Bandcamp page), with two preview tracks treading a similar path of hushed, reflective beauty. The minimalist "About" enchants, weaving a haunted web of intoxicating beauty with plaintive guitar loops and tender vocals serenading for listener into a melancholic state of dream-like bliss.

The title track "Tired" starts off similarly with stark, finger-plucked acoustic guitar and softening ambient twinkles accompanying Marie-Sophie's unique, otherworldly vocals until half way through there's a shift in sound when pounding tom beats create a darker mood in which haunting harmonies are effortlessly entwined.

If you're looking for the perfect winter balladry to warm the chilly, lonesome nights ahead then Sea of Love might just be what you were after.