Snowbird - New Music "Introducing"

About three years ago now I can remember seeing Stephanie Dosen adding backing instruments for a couple of gigs by Heidi Spencer. I'm pretty sure it was at the Latest Music Bar in Brighton and at Brixton Windmill for a couple of early Caitlin Rose gigs. On both occasions alongside Stephanie forming a backing 'band' was Bella Union founder Simon Raymonde previously of Cocteau Twins.

The label had earlier released Stephanie's solo album Lily In The Spectre, a gorgeous, over-looked album full of softening folk tracks which highlighted an effecting voice and a poetic song-craft. If you missed it back in 2007 make sure you check out "This Joy" for proof.

Reminiscing aside, the pairs relationship has grown further to the formation of a new group Snowbird and their first track "Poreclain" is so devastatingly beautiful you'll want to give it your immediate attention (if you haven't already - it has amassed some nineteen thousand plays over the weekend alone). Raymonde's fingerprints are on evidence as the perfectly titled track enchants around delicate, haunting whispers and a beguiling piano melody. Such elegance and grace, the debut album Moon, scheduled for release in January instantly becomes a must listen.