Sumie - New Music "Introducing"

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It's pretty much a given that when Bella Union sign someone, you take a listen to that artist (if you didn't know them previously of course). That's what happened with Sumie and where I again realise their quality testing is second to none.

Sumie is the nom de plume of Gothenberg's Sandra Sumie Nagano and it's "Show Talked Windows" that serves as my introduction, a delicate, atmospheric track where a lone acoustic guitar weaves a haunted web of intoxicating, dream-like beauty around Sumie's exquisite vocal whispers. Perfect for the winter months - go grab a blanket and immerse yourself in this stunner.

It's certainly enough to make me anticipate Sumie's self-titled debut, which is due for release on December 2nd (pre-order via Bella Union) and is followed a date at London's Slaughtered Lamb on December 11th - details.