The National #6 - Lean

I've not featured The National too much recently, I hardly need to. A new music blog like this featuring one the the biggest bands in the world right now is a little counter-constructive and there are hundreds of bands probably more needing of this minimal exposure. Still I can't help myself every now and then and the title of this blog is Just Music That I Like, so yeah, I'm going with it...

"Lean" is their latest track, their contribution to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. I'm pretty sure I read an article a while back where the band said they wanted to call the track "Dying is Easy" but the film-makers didn't like that too much, you can understand why but the words are the key to the track. It's immediately distinguishable as The National of course, a longing, brooding ballad that buildings amongst luscious instrumentation and leaves you emotionally charged and grasping for your breath.

The National finally hit the UK this weekend to promote their wonderful album Trouble Will Find Me including two dates at Ally Pally, an incredible sized venue for me to be excited about visiting but I am. That's the perfect summation to the power of this band.