Veronica Falls #12 - Need You Around

It was only a few weeks ago when I last mentioned Veronica Falls and like all good buses, after a while of waiting, two new tracks arrive almost at once.

Following from the wonderful "Nobody There" is "Need You Around", the flip side to the double-a side tour single of the same name. Where the former was full of the usual Veronica Falls darkly enthusiasm and jangle this is softer and dreamier with a chugging bass-line leading Roxanne's sweetly vocals. Soon trademark harmonies and guitars fill the air and carry you to pastures full of a lovely thoughts and more-ish beauty - Veronica Falls remain a band who show no sign of losing their killer knack of writing perfect pop tracks.

The release is due on December 9th, limited to just 300 worldwide with some available to pre-order now via the bands Big Cartel - I wouldn't hang around.