Wild Ones - New Music "Introducing"


Another of those ridiculously overdue posts coming up now. Portland's Wild Ones came to my attention through their heart-melting "Golden Twin" over the summer but for some reason lost to time I never got around to posting it then and soon promptly managed to forget about all the band until I came across a new video for their track "From Nothing" the other day.

The band released their debut album Keep It Safe via Party Damage Records back in July (available on digital/vinyl via Bandcamp) and perhaps it's the sparkling indie-pop melodies or the sumptuous, butterfly-soft vocals of Danielle Sullivan but I'm instantly drawing comparisons to Leeds finest Just Handshakes. "Golden Twin" opens the album and is the perfect place to kick off this post, alive and kicking with a bright and fresh honesty which fills much of the album as stuttering electronics, sun-kissed guitars combine with those aforementioned vocals guaranteed to send hearts a flutter.

Both "From Nothing and "It's Real" are equally swoonsome as rhythmic guitars shimmer with nostalgia-inducing dreams and "Lion Heart" gives another example of the sweet and refreshing sound of the album. I don't normally quote other people here but there's a line on bandcamp by someone who has purchased the album that I think suits as the perfect summation. Every track bleeds loveliness... the vocals, the synths, the instrumentals; a lot of good going on here.

I've included a stunning live video of the title track below, stripped bare and restrained it sends shivers down your spine as twinkling piano chords become the focus of the track. Danielle's vocals remain soft whispers accompanied by a backing choir whom remain equally sedate. When guitar and a wash of electronics join in half way through the track threatens to explode but it never does, remaining the perfectly example of intimate beauty.