Be Forest #4 - Colours


Here's a downside to being quite so pre-occupied the last couple of weeks, I've missed out the ultra-limited LP version of Be Forest's forthcoming second album Earthbeat (there were just 100 white flecked copies of the vinyl available via label WWNBB's Bandcamp and all are gone)...

To equally sooth the pain / increase the jealousy of the lucky people getting one (although I presume a standard version will follow when the album is released in February) the Italian quartet have shared the second song from the records "Colours".

It follows closely to the newly worn path thread by "Captured Heart", an infectious combination of tribal drums, shimmering guitars and ethereal vocals which lay a beautiful tapestry in which to can easily lose your thoughts amongst a warm, dreamy lightness that I'm still adjusting to hearing from the band after the dark chill of their debut Cold. It's a good job I'm equally fond of all seasons... Listen below: