Bon-Bon - She Don't Want To Know


Bon-Bon is London based singer-songwriter Sian King who came to my attention in the midst of writing up my 'albums of the year' posts last week (thanks again to Twitter). I got the ideal starting point through the lead single to her debut EP She Don't Want To Know, a beautifully formed pop track that combines bubblegum vocals with psychedelic organ swirls and vibrant percussion.

Crying out for the attention of mainstream radio-play "She Don't Want To Know" will instantly embed itself in your brain with an infectious melody full of life and a rich, soulful vocal that progresses in tandem with bright piano chords to reach a powerful climax that will have you reaching for the repeat button. A little bit creepy, dramatic, hooky, powerful, wonderful - basically a perfect pop song.

The full EP is available via iTunes now.