Disraeli Gears #4 - Rotary


I'm really happy with my year-end posts this year, a varied and quality (of course I'm biased) list of acts whom deserve our utmost attention in the year to come, one such band I included in my 'tips for 2014' Disraeli Gears make a quick reappearance on the blog after sharing a new/old track last week...

Although newly shared "Rotary" is actually the first track the London/Leeds quartet wrote together and belatedly makes its appearance online as a free download just in time for the festive season (don't expect any bells or appearance from Santa).

Another masterclass in the loud/quiet dynamic, "Rotary" sees lead-vocalist Teia Fregona's haunting vocals at their most devastating amongst chiming guitar patterns before booming tom drums signal a slow-burning rise to a deep and darker melody where soon the bands expressive, widescreen dynamics come to the fore before completely overpowering with a squealing, compelling climax of controlled aggression - quite stunning and yours for free with a click below.