Elephant #4 - Shapeshifter


It's Sunday, it's December so whether that means you can finally let all your excitement out about Christmas and spend the day putting up all your decorations or hide away from its existence altogether you'll probably be on the look out for something that's the musical equivalent of a warming blanket and a soothing hot drink, well look no further...

Elephant, the London based duo of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck released their latest single "Shapeshifter" a little while back and in typically late fashion here I am all weak at the knees at its blend of luscious string production, swooning instrumentation and pure, blissful vocals. "Snow Day" (fingers crossed for a couple of those soon!) is the flip side and similarly creeps up on you with a delicate carousel of rich cinematic beauty, cooing harmonies lead twinkling percussion and sighing organ, the result seduces with a deft nostalgic glow and leaves you feeling like you've been on the mulled wine all afternoon - You can't ask for much more than that!

Shapeshifter is available on 7" now, available from the bands shop here.