EMA #7 - Satellites


I can still remember the initial wow factor when I first came across Erika M Andersen's EMA at the start of 2011 through her outstanding single "The Grey Ship", her debut full-length (ignoring her earlier project Gowns) Past Life Martyred Saints followed suit and similarly impressed featuring at number four in my albums of the same year. A raw, brittle beauty that laid absolutely everything on the line, the result was as powerful an experience as music can render.

Now EMA return with "Satellites", the first track taken from her new album The Future's Void (due Spring 2014). As experimental and intense a moment as she's produced, Erika's guitar seemingly laid to one side and in its stead the track is dominated by industrial beats, throbbing bass and a squealing radio-static fuzz, Satellites is the perfect title too, a track that sounds like it could literally signal the end of the world. Curiosity and excitement levels for album two raise.