Julie Byrne - New Music "Introducing"


Here's is a discovery with thanks to Gold Flake Paint, a stunning one at that too, Julie Byrne a Stateside (I've read her location as both Seattle and Chicago) singer-songwriter whom is due to release her debut full length due in January next year. Entitled Rooms With Walls and Windows it brings together two earlier cassette EP's and is due January 21st as a super limited coloured LP via Orindal Records.

There are two exquisite previews below which give an indication of a bewitching talent, "Melting Grid" sets the tone; a sparse, wistful beauty where little more than Julie's earthy, raw tones and finger-picked acoustic guitar (which the odd bit of pan flute) gets under you skin and transports you to a magical, yet bitter-sweet world.

Similarly "Prism Song" weaves an organic tapestry of heart-felt storytelling lyrics with haunting vocals and evocative instrumentation - the dreamlike result makes you wish you were sitting around a warm fire allowing this to seep through body and soul. Beautiful is this.