Molly Beanland - New Music "Introducing"

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I've always been an absolute sucker for a nostalgic power-pop ballad, my love of them harks back to many, many years of watching my local non-league team as a child from the late eighties all the way through to adulthood. For a good half dozen years or so the sound-system at Marston Road must have had just about three tapes which were repeated every home game, they were full of real classics like "China In Your Hand", "Eternal Flame", "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "It Must Have Been Love"...

I could go on but basically that paragraph sets the scene for a song that sounds like it was written in the same era but wasn't, it is by London's Molly Beanland and was released just last month. The track "Night Dreams" is exactly that, a glistening synth led beauty full of bombastic beats, kaleidoscopic melody and a sumptuous vocal that's flutters bright with glorious ease.

Another track found on Molly's soundcloud "Electric" is a more slow-burning affair, the emphasis of Molly's haunting vocal delivery combine seductively with minimal and restrained electronica. Just gorgeous.

"Night Dreams" is due for release January 20th next year.