Sea Lion #3 - Christmas Of Our Own


I'm looking forward to the new Sea Lion record which I hope will be released next year (after news of her signing to Turnstile records, home of Perfume Genius amongst others, this). First though there's a seasonal track which popped up on her Soundcloud last week - as a side note, I highly recommend paying a trip to that page as it features numerous cover tracks not on either of her releases thus far. My favourite of which I covered right back in January, "Love Story"...

"Christmas Of Our Own" doesn't really sound like your traditional festive track, you won't be reaching for this as you party with friends, there are no sleigh bells or optimism for the season of good will. Instead it stays true to much of Sea Lion's previous work, plucking straight at your hear-strings, an intimate, naked beauty backed with little more than Linn Osterberg's finger-plucked acoustic and fragile, soft whispers. The result is as pretty and melancholic as you could wish for - one for the late-night moments when everyone else is tucked up in bed leaving you alone with your thoughts and malt whisky.