Souvenir Stand #3 - Christmas Waltz

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A couple of Christmas themed posts before taking a well earned rest and where better to start than with Souvenir Stand, since I first featured the New Jersey indie pop 60s-inspired singer/songwriter here in June 2012 I've been fortunate enough to be involved in the release of her brilliant debut EP Days on cassette tape via Beautiful Strange and you may be excited to know there's more where that came from next year with a 7" single planned.

This track is a demo cover of "Christmas Waltz" that Stephanie put on her soundcloud last year, that doesn't stop me posting it now, her beautiful, sweet-hearted vocal delivery lends itself perfectly to a seasonally themed song and there can't be many better tracks to have on your mix-tape whilst you're wrapped up warmly on rug waiting for Santa to come down the chimney.

I try to avoid overblown praise of Beautiful Strange artists so I'll shut up there and let the music do the talking below...