St Vincent #6 - Birth In Reverse

After spending two weeks covering 'list season' the blog will now return to normality for a week before a little Christmas break and what better way to return than with news of a new album by St Vincent. Annie Clark's fourth will be a self-titled one and we've been treated to a free download (via link below) of the first track to be taken from it "Birth in Reverse".

The track sees Annie wield her guitar as a magic wand with a series of aggressive guitar riffs wandering around propulsive rhythms and chaotic synths, there's a relentless beats and a typically ethereal vocal delivery, basically a perfect summation of one of the most inventive and progressive artists of this generation.

St Vincent can be pre-ordered on vinyl (it comes with a special limited 12" single) with release planned for February 24th via the St Vincent store. Annie Clark plays a show at Shepherds Bush Empire a few days earlier - I cannot wait.