Sumie #2 - Speed Into


Last week I had one of those evenings which remind me exactly why I love music quite so much. For me at least, it possesses a rare quality capable of transferring you completely away from any of life's troubles and to somewhere much more beautiful (or louder, or fun, however you need). On Wednesday I wearily headed to the Slaughtered Lamb and caught two beguiling sets that soothed my mind and left me glowing with a lovely, warming feeling (and I don't think it was fully to do with the four pints of Camden Pale I had!)...

First it was Sophie Jamieson, an artist I recently featured amongst my 'Tips For 2014' posts, as talented a new singer-songwriter as London currently has to offer. An ending salvo of "Ode to the East", "Waterloo" and "Dinah" highlighting her exquisite talents and with a new track hinting at added percussion for the future, I can't wait to hear (and see too no doubt) where Sophie (and band) head next.

The evening's headliner, playing her first London show was Sumie who last week released her debut full-length via Bella Union and played a serene and beautiful set that sent shivers straight through you, delicate finger plucks accompanied by a guitarist adding more intricate shimmers set amongst Sumie's fragile whispers and intimate songcraft, the recently released stream of "Speed Into" sums that experience up and gives an intoxicating glimpse of a record ideally suited for winter's dreamers.

Sumie is available now.