Tips for 2014 #10 - Young Romance


It's been a quiet year at face value for Young Romance, a band whom I discovered in the summer of 2012 through their incredible track "Follow On Your Own". 2013 has been spent mainly behind the scenes until the recent news that the band are set to release their official debut single "Pale" early next year, it's enough to propel them into this list and hopefully fulfill my initial quote of 'my new favourite thing'.

"Follow On Your Own" is one of those rare tracks that makes your jaw hit the floor the first time you here it, switching from big, bold choruses with strong drums and fuzzy guitar to pure, sweet pop verses at the flutter on an eyelid, I fell in instant love with it and it should have been one of the biggest indie-pop hits of the year yet it sits with less than two thousand soundcloud plays because people are crazy like that...

Their return "Pale" is another blisteringly good song , blowing away any cobwebs with a fuzzed up introduction of jagged guitars and fast-paced drums. Bigger and heavier than anything they've done before it retains the band effortless knack of combining charm with emotion and Claire's beautiful, pure vocals sound as gorgeous as ever.

Pale is released February 24th via Banquet Records and is available to order on limited 7" now - go get one