Tips For 2014 #2 - Blessa


Blessa have released five tracks thus far and I've featured them on this blog five times. Sufficient evidence itself of my growing fondness to the Sheffield quintet, with a debut single Between Times now under their belt and an EP promised for 2014, I expect that love affair to continue.

"Between Times" is the perfect introductory point thus far, a hazy slice of swooning, nostalgic melody full of widescreen guitar and Olivia Neller's timelessly romantic vocals. The dreamy "Bloom" and "Pale" work within the same mould too - wonderfully atmospheric, brilliant guitar and gorgeous song-craft full of intelligence and sincerity. If NME are looking for a new indie pop flag-bearer, they won't go too far wrong here...

A 2014 London show has already been announced, so fingers crossed the snow keeps away and we can kick off the new year with a show at Hoxton Square on January 16th - details.