Tips For 2014 #4 - Disraeli Gears


Disraeli Gears are another one of those bands whom I've featured thus far at every available moment (search through the past posts dating since September 2012 here), a quartet based between Leeds and London whom are yet to officially release anything but with four tracks shared online to date and with their social media accounts hinting at a future EP (I assume aimed for a release in 2014) are sure to gain more exposure soon.

I tried to get the band to play a Beautiful Strange date earlier this year (currently my live events are on hiatus but might well return next Spring) but we couldn't get a date right, either way I'll be making sure I can break my live duck with the band as soon as possible, two live videos for "Back of My Eyes" and "Mother, I" hint at a bewitching set full of widescreen guitars shimmers and big pounding beats that build from softening beginnings to a powerful, prog-rock-esque aural storm that sweeps you off your feet with a sound that crosses Hope of the States with Anna Calvi.

The studio release of "Skeleton" is out of this world good, an extraordinary six minute journey that starts with gentle, ringing guitars and Teia Fregona in complete control of her haunting, vulnerable vocal range before the track drops and a change in tempo is propelled by crashing drums and billowing guitars - I think I could listen to it all day.

When that EP is announced, I'm sure you'll hear about it here...