Tips For 2014 #5 - Dog In The Snow


Here's a post I alluded to the other week, Brighton's Helen Ganya Brown aka Dog In The Snow has featured here no less than four times this year with a series of tracks released introducing an eerie / beautiful sound which though stark and ethereal remains strangely rich too. The result is a compelling, hypnotic tapestry of luscious soundscapes that hints at much more to come (There hasn't been any 'official' release yet).

The first track I heard "Africa" was mentioned here again just a couple of weeks ago after the release of a sublime live video. I called it a 'performance so perfect and polished that you could easily be fooled into believing it was a studio release aside from the clapping that book-ends the track and the odd bit of feedback. The track, of course, is outstanding, combining the otherworldly essence and mystery of a Planningtorock with a melody and rhythmic groove you'd expect from Foals with the addition of Helen's ethereal, softening vocals - the result is as captivating as it sounds'.

"Fire In The Sky" swept around some UK blogs earlier this year with a combination of experimental mysteriousness and unsettling chills, it jumps right at you with tribal drums loops, melodramatic piano and claustrophobic synths, sounding harsher than the haunting beauty of "Concrete Wall" or "Brother" - I don't think I'd seen the stunning live version of the latter I've included below, it comes with a rather uncompromising finale.

Hopefully the tracks we've heard so far will have an official release in 2014 along with a couple of new ones (I'm greedy). I can't think of any new act making music quite as chilly and effecting right now. Remove images of furry things rolling around in white stuff and listen below.