Tips For 2014 #7 - IYES

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As I mentioned briefly earlier this week when this band featured on the long-list for The Blog Sound of List, my introduction to Brighton duo IYES came at a show they'd probably rather forget during The Great Escape...

Equipment malfunction meant their standard set had to be scrapped and instead we were treated to a short acoustic set, I think it worked out rather well and I was instantly pulled in by stunning vocals of Melis Soyaslanova, in an acoustic setting her sweet, luscious vocals oozed with seductive haze amongst Josh Christophe's backing and acoustic strums.

That however is not a true indication of Iyes, their soundcloud gives that. The recently released official debut track "'Til Infinity" combines sprawling electronic soundscapes with percussive hand-claps and those stunning vocals to pull you into a rich, atmospheric world whilst early demo "Lighthouse" is more XX styled minimalism where glacial guitars and retained beats give you the chills with heart-melting intimacy.

Just a year old perhaps 2014 will still be too soon for Iyes to produce a full-length debut but I'm sure whatever they do release will be just as rewarding to the listener.