Wild Ones #2 - Hold On, We're Going Home

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Because I pay precisely no interest in the charts and national radio I'd not heard this song before, the chances are (the original does have 32 million plays on YouTube) you probably have. "Hold On, We're Going Home" is by Drake who I'm guessing in a US pop-rap act (I tried to listen to his version but after a minute no music had come on and I got bored) and I'm here because Wild Ones have decided to make the track their first cover version.

I posted about the Portland quintet last month (head here for that post) and their version transfers the same smoldering indie-pop catchiness to this Danielle Sullivan has this beautiful, easy on the ear vocal that flutters softly over a bed of shimmering guitar, skittering percussion and heavenly guitars - if I didn't already know it was a massive pop hit I'd probably be proclaiming this as the future...

Wild One's debut album Keep It Safe is available from Bandcamp now.