Abbey Bowden #2 - Dust


Earlier this month on my Introducing post to London based singer-songwriter Abbey Bowden I adhered to the fact it sounded like you were listening to the raw, beguiling beginnings of a future star, now with today's post I'd like to take the step up to say you definitely are...

The track I'm sharing today is a new track "Dust", recorded live for Basement Sessions, it sees Abbey sitting in a dimly lit room with pictures of singers hanging on the walls alone with her guitar. What comes to pass over the next four minutes is as cathartic experience as music can bring, a real send shivers down your spine moment as Abbey's soulful, emotive vocal purrs over delicate fingerplucked acoustic, utterly, utterly transfixing.

Abbey's next gig is on February 4th at Ronnie Scott's, I'm not sure if I can make it yet but it should go into your diary - further details.