Abbey Bowden - New Music "Introducing"


Easily the place where I'm finding the most new acts these days is through twitter, my latest discovery via the social network is Abbey Bowden whom I found via a re-tweet from an act I've covered here before Oh Sister.

Abbey treads a similar path of finger-plucked acoustic beauty with tender guitar strumming the solitary backing to a devastating voice but Abbey's vocal is quite different, possessing a breathy and organic voice with a soulful range akin to Tracy Chapman or Cold Specks. The track that made me stop in my tracks last week "Still" (available as a free download below) is an absolute beauty, full of raw, poetic strength which stems from Abbey's arresting delivery and lyrics written straight from the heart, the result is quite simply majestic.

Early viewers of this post may notice I pressed publish a little premature as a visit to Abbey's soundcloud page discovers another demo "Changing Boats", a softer, contemplative track which slowly introduces piano twinkles amongst darkly intimate songcraft that breathes full of haunting emotion. Shiver inducing moments await below.