Curxes #6 - Avant-Guarded

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After a series of terrifying electro-pop tracks in 2012 Curxes were relatively quiet in 2013, their sole release (until the track I'm talking about today) being a track which took the Brighton/Portsmouth duo in altogether new direction, the hauntingly beautiful "Further Still".

That was until just before Christmas when the band returned with "Avant-Guarded", a more typically assault of noise propelled by aggressive mechanical synths  and accompanied by a slightly bonkers video. If you've a phobia of Budgie's, you may want to close your eyes...

Roberta's vocals are as commanding and ferocious as ever around hard driving rhythms, a wall of distorted guitars and wave after wave of industrial noise, creepy and intense throughout "Avant-Guarded" is a breathless return from this boundary pushing duo.