Dum Dum Girls #3 - Too True

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Dum Dum Girls are a band I've talked about before here and as much as I enjoyed their last album Only In Dreams (and adored the incredible "Coming Down") I didn't quite connect with the band when I saw them live a good couple of years ago at ULU, their latest release Too True makes me want to give that another go...

The album came out this week and is streaming in full via label Sub Pop's soundcloud (and is available on super limited vinyl with a bonus 7" here). The overall theme of which sees DDG's leave behind much of their garage-pop roots and complete a transformation to 80's inspired Cure-esque rhythms and echoey guitar shimmers that could have been written at any point in time since. I'll focus on a few of my favourites here.

"Evil Blooms" is the perfect example on the reverb-heavy sheen that propels uplifting melodies with darkly-hued intent. "Lost Boys and Girls Club" adds in a synthetic heart-beat amongst gorgeously dreamy harmonies and "Rimbaud Eyes" is a sweet pop hit in the making, armed with a cinematic melody laced in fuzz and Dee Dee's smoky vocals. The title track "Too True to Be Good" similarly swirls with intoxicating bliss, throughout the forumla rarely changes; short, sharp, simple and immediate, treading a similar path to that of last years PINS album, a dark, brooding combination of jangly goodness that can be traced back to Siouxsie and all, it's one I meet with instant approval.