Farao #4 - The Hours

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There are a handful of tracks which I've heard and loved live that have yet / will never receive studio treatment, tracks which you always wish to hear in the comfort of your own home on quality listening equipment (if you are listening to music on tinny laptop speakers - stop!) but have to delve to generally poor quality youtube clups to re-live.

Apartment's "People" has long been my favourite track of such (and my favourite track by a much missed band), Embers' "Hollow Cage" is another such example (a track which faces an almost impossible task of living up to the live version's beauty) and until last week the track I'm blogging about today was another, originally heard when Kari Jahnsen still performed as Like Spinning, "The Hours"...

Now known as Farao "The Hours" has been updated with a gossamer sheen that exemplifies Kari's new project, merging her fingerpicking folk roots and organic voice with expansive instrumentation and tinkering electronics, the track remains as emotive and magnificent as I remember with a chorus that brings goosebumps all over with its pure, disarming beauty.

Farao's debut EP is due Feb 10th with a headline show following at London's The Waiting Room on Feb 25th - tickets.