Hydras Dream - New Music "Introducing"


Hydras Dream is a new project between Swedish composer Matti Bye and my artist of 2013 (whose releases I voted at numbers ten and one in my albums of 2013 posts) Anna Von Hausswolff, seemingly not content with last years Ceremony and accompanying live dates around the world, the collaboration will release their debut album The Little Match Girl in March via the ever wonderful Berlin label Denovali Records.

A taster has been shared in the shape of "The Joys of a New Year", a track which starts all languid beauty with dreamlike synths and Anna's emotive vocals, bathed in a sea of reverb, carrying you in a hypnotic state towards somewhere more safe and tranquil before dashing that sense of security with a searing finale of crashing noise, a perfect combination of shades, light and dark meet in perfect harmony and I'm left wishing for more. Thankfully there's not too long to wait.