I Break Horses #5 - You Burn

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I've been a little slow on the uptake with I Break Horses' second LP Chiaroscuro, released yesterday via Bella Union. The initial lead track "Faith" surprised me with a new-wave melody of spiralling beats that rivaled Crystal Castles more than the frozen synths and shogaze influences of the Swede's debut record Hearts. For me at least, it took a little adjusting to...

I return completely with the slow motion beauty of "You Burn", a track which has absorbed me fully into the album over the past 36 hours or so, exquisite throughout it's as seductive and haunting a moment as heard from Maria Lindén's project to-date, shadowy beats and chiming piano keys provide an equal measure of chills and seduction amongst a vocal which surprises with its clarity and an almost poppy chorus.

Immersive and powerful - it makes you want to delve deeper into Chiaroscuro, something you can now do - the record is available on CD/LP from all the usual places.