Jenny Mayhem - TV Waltz

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Jenny Mayhem is a Toronto based singer-songwriter originally from Barbados whom came to my attention through her latest track, the mysterious "TV Waltz". The track combines traditional acoustic-folk arrangements with a dream-like voice and restrained guitarscapes which creep increasingly to the fore as shimmering textures bring out the hypnotic beauty of it all. The result envelops you in a warming embrace and is truly quite magical.

Earlier track "Shifter" similarly catches the eye, a fuller sound aided by a fine percussive heart-beat which flutters around the tracks soft, mellow atmosphere and a sumptuously smooth melody which progresses in strength and power amongst Jenny's repeated calls of "you can follow me when I fly". I can't think of anything not to like. Both tracks are available now on a pay what you like basis via Bandcamp.