Layla - New Music "Introducing"

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I'm still slowly catching up with a whole host of emails and draft posts from before Christmas, the latest long overdue post to find its way here is by Layla, a London based singer-songwriter whom released her second EP Yellow Circles late last year. A release which instantly creates a gooey, warm feeling within led by a soulful voice that echoes the lovely tone of Emily Wood's and a collection of gently melancholic tracks full of sweet, sweet charm and exquisite melody.

"Oh My Love" is the track I first heard, as beautiful an introduction as you could wish for as Layla's pure, hushed lead, piano keys and twinkling glockenspiel create a simple yet luxurious melody around similarly restrained backing vocals and flourishing strings. The understated video that accompanies the song perfectly portrays the sentiment and mood within, it's absolutely bloody gorgeous.

The title-track from Layla's debut EP New Year is another that leaves me all tingly inside, a flawless, introspective beauty that could soften even the hardest of souls. That sound you hear is probably my heart skipping a beat.