Life Model #2 - Come Round


Glasgow's Life Model return after last springs debut EP with "Come Round", a heavenly track which immediately highlights a progression in the quintet's ambient, dream-pop soundscapes and one which is undoubtedly their finest yet.

Clocking in at almost six minutes in length, a sign in itself that "Come Round" is never in any rush to hurry you along (and it's all the better for that), it slowly drifts around a languid, weightless melody of gauzy guitar shimmers and pared-down beats in which Sophie Evans' beautiful, ethereal vocals glide effortlessly towards a space-out finale of grungy guitar noise. The result takes you straight back to the sweeter side of 1990's shoegaze and is utterly delicious.

The single is released on limited cassette / digital download on January 20th via Viscerality Records and is available to pre-order now.