Lizard Kisses #3 - Little Things

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Lizard Kisses have been on my radar for some time now and never fail to bring both sunshine and melancholy to mind with their tracks, last year's Loving Creatures EP (which I wrote briefly about last March) a near-perfect example of the Brooklyn duo's soothing dream-pop where woozy guitar melodies blend with sweetly-sung lullabies and slow motion drums, if you missed out on it, do get a copy via Bandcamp.

This post though focuses on a new track that Lizard Kisses contributed to a Zine from one of my favourite blogs, The Le Sigh, "Little Things", a languid, natural beauty that will cause nothing but butterflies all over with a nostalgic blend of heart-ache and laid-back daydreams. If you are new to the band, the feeling you are experiences right now is probably that of you falling in love all over again.

The Zine is now sold out but you can grab "Little Things" on a pay-what-you-like basis here.