Miserable - New Music "Introducing"


With a band name like Miserable you're not exactly expecting a bed of roses and music to soundtrack your kids birthday party to when you press play and you'd be right of course, the project of ex-Whirr vocalist Kristina Esfandiari is dark, dramatic and intense from the get go...

The opening track from her debut release (a 7" EP due February 18th via a new label to me, New York's Native Sound) "Bell Jar" instantly conjures a stormy blend of moody Siouxsie / Esben & the Witch inspired dissonance, big on atmosphere the track takes a languid, ominous build up where Kristina's plaintive, haunting words combine with sonically unsettling instrumentation, climbing towards a conclusion of almighty noise with wild widescreen guitars and pounding drums let loose.

The second track from the release "Halloween Dream" is similarly shrouded in gloom, a bleak lonesome slow-waltz gradually rises in tempo with a swell of unnerving emotion, doom-laden beats and meaty riffs; it's never anything but primal, powerful and completely absorbing.

I've been pretty hooked with American Horror Story this past month and I can imagine this fitting in the background of Coven just nicely.