Mountain Man #7 - Around and Around


I somehow managed to miss this before Christmas... The return of Mountain Man has been a long, long, long time coming. So much so that I wondered if it were to happen at all. The trio were one of my favourite things way back in 2010 after I literally stumbled across them playing in the Crow's Nest at Glastonbury festival (I wrote about that as one of my end of year highlights here). Their debut album Made the Harbour was one of the same years real treats and a series of live dates towards the back end of the year were shiver inducing moments. Then silence (besides one show at End of the Road last year).

That ended with a seasonal (of sorts) posting and a new track, a cover of John Denver's "Around and Around". It re-introduces their spellbinding harmonies and beautiful, entwining vocals, as tender as any moment you are likely to hear, it's the perfect way to kick off a brand new year.

Here's hoping for much more from the band soon.