Natasha Miren #2 - Darkness


I got a little bit excited during my "Introducing" post on Natasha Miren late late year after falling smitten with her first two solo tracks "Scarlet" and "Overdose", the former full of delicious, bright guitar shimmers and the latter a brooding, intimate beauty both highlighting Natasha's soft, breathy vocal, the sort of voice you can easily lose yourself in.

Both styles set the tone for Natasha's third track "Darkness", a track which also happens to be her most complete to date. Intricate layers of guitar weave around skittering beats and Natasha's luscious tones, the resulting sound is rich, dynamic and quite unlike anything she’s done before, hypnotising you as the track progresses to a climax full of swarming guitar and synth noise. I like it. I like it a lot.