Rae Morris #3 - Skin


Rae Morris is an artist that has been on my radar for a while now, my Introducing post on her was way back in June 2011 and that was followed by another blog in December of the same year, her captivating, majestic voice has never been in doubt and her way around a piano has brought many a crowd to silence. I've only seen Rae the once so far, way back in 2012 and I can recall the soothing, spine-tingling sensation of her music.

Since then there have been two similarly lovely EP's Grow and From Above and I really am not sure why I've not waffled on about them before, subtle, intimate and beautiful are just three of the words that can easily be used to describe them. After some impressive support slots and a guest vocal spot on the new Bombay Bicycle Club album Rae returns to make 2014 her own with a new track "Skin", easily her finest to date and as devastating a moment as the year has offered us to date.

"Skin", and please excuse the pun, gets under exactly that as metronomic piano chords chime with elegant simplicity amongst delicate vocals and luscious string instrumentation. It's all beautifully timed and Rae's lyrics possess a dark, haunting edge, the result is sure to bring goose-bumps to listeners all over. "Skin" can be downloaded for free via a trip to Rae's website now and doing so will be the best decision you've made today.