Smoke Fairies #4 - Eclipse Them All

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Yesterday when I posted about Russian Red's new track "Casper" I was talking about a new, evolved sound and today here's an even more startling departure. Smoke Fairies made their name with blues-laden guitars and the entwined melodies of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies blending traditional English folk influences with a distinctive Americana sound.

In a move sure to be divisive Smoke Fairies return with the first track taken from their forthcoming third, self-titled LP, "Eclipse Them All" (their first album via Full Time Hobby and is due for release 14th April).

Gone are the gritty guitars and vast soundscapes and instead the track floats along with minimalist Au Revior Simone style arrangements, casio synth drones and languid percussion with a distinctive unforced touch mould around the vocals which are dark and simpler and with the accompanying sci-fi esque video also hinting at unsettling tones it leaves me interested to hear more. Will guitars make an appearance on the album or not? We'll find out soon enough I guess.