St Vincent #7 - Digital Witness

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Just before Christmas I featured the first track from St Vincent's forthcoming fourth (and self-titled) LP "Birth In Reverse", a release which promises to be one of the musical highlights of February (the album is due for release Feb 24th).

To add to the excitement we've been treated to the album's second track, the wonderful "Digital Witness", an ode/lament to the digital age and it instantly seems that the time spent with David Byrne on the side-project album Love This Giant has washed off on Annie's solo work too for "Digital Witness" is a brass-laden funk stomp with billowing horns creating a deep, infectious rhythm amongst Annie's art-rock guitar and synth patterns.

The result sounds like something Prince would be proud of, as I devote purple follower I can't pay a much bigger complement than that. Listen below and order St Vincent here.