The Sinclair Sinclair #5 - Paradise

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You've possibly heard me going on about The Sinclair Sinclair before now, a Tallinn based quartet whom first featured here in late 2012 after I fell in love with the intoxicating, dreamlike promise of their debut track "Feel". Repeated postings followed and a relationship formed which led me to release the bands heavenly debut EP The Dreamers of The Dreams on cassette tape via Beautiful Strange, to welcome in 2014 they return with their new track "Paradise" and its simply wonderful....

The accompanying video takes place in an appropriate haze of shrouded fog as the quartets signature ethereal soundscapes melt hearts. A minimalistic melody is carried by crystalline synths and punctured drums which float with a slow-burning beauty around tantalising harmonies, the kind of gorgeous that should come with a warning sign.

"Paradise" can be downloaded for free via the Soundcloud link below - what are you waiting for.