The Sun Days - New Music "Introducing"


Whilst I was listening to School's new track "Clouds Aside" last week I discovered this because it's released on the same label Luxury, "You Can't Make Up My Mind" by fellow Swede's The Sun Days, both the artist and song title might give you some insight in what to expect here, so if you are thinking summer laden melodies with bright, beautiful indie-pop and lovely vocals. You'd be about right.

"You Can't Make Up My Mind" is the Gothenburg quintet's debut track released last November and it instantly propels the band to the same territory as Just Handshakes and a number of other British indie-poppers, a get up out of your chair and dance track propelled by military drums, infectious jangle guitars and casio keys all wrapped around a uniquely gorgeous vocal, it immediately charms the pants of you with its smile-inducing bounce and vigour. More please.

The track is available to download via Bandcamp now.