T.H.E.M - New Music "Introducing"

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I came across T.H.E.M on social media a couple of weeks back and was instantly compelled to listen because of one of the names I saw amongst the Brooklyn based trio, Tasmin Wilson whom may be better known to you as Wilsen, a band whom I'm extremely excited to here more from later this year (and whom, to my great excitement have been announced amongst the first wave of acts for The Great Escape - an unseen act to be ticked off my 'too see' list - I can't wait).

Concentrating on Them here though, not the most Google friendly of names is a harmony laden group made up of Tasmin, Megan Lui and Hannah Read whom both also have solo projects also (and have promptly been added to my 'to listen to list' - a list which shows no sign of decreasing any time soon!).

I haven't come across any studio records yet so you'll have to enjoy a couple of live video tracks below, you'll thank me after I promise. "Waterbound" (a cover) is recorded from a live gig with the wonderful people at Sofar Sounds and introduces the trio's sound perfectly, it effortlessly resurrects yesteryear with zero pomp, just an graceful simplicity with a guitar led melody and crystal clear harmonies sung beautifully

"John James" sees Tasmin on lead vocals and for the first couple of minutes you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a Wilsen track, haunting guitar circles compliment Tasmin's pure vocals but soon layers of harmonies and guitars join in perfectly, never feeling overworked or complemented you soon find yourself drifting off to somewhere more peaceful and tranquil, it's a moment of undeniable pleasure.

I can only assume the project will have to fit in around three others yet I'm instantly finding myself craving more, hopefully we'll get just that soon enough. For now, keep track of Them on Facebook (and other social media networks).