VEYU - New Music "Introducing"


Possibly being a guy myself and after spending the first quarter of a century pretty much exclusively listening to male singing voices - you may find that hard to believe - I think I'm a much tougher judge of 'boy' bands these days, the majority of which (perhaps harshly) I tend to think tread the over-worn path of cloning Oasis, Arctic Monkeys or Foals (or a combination of all), and the result is a pale imitation at best. It means male lead favourite acts are few and far between for me these days, here now though, I think I could be listening to a new band that could find themselves on that list, especially if they can continue the excellent showing of their debut track...

Liverpool quintet VEYU, yeah not a clue, released (or re-released perhaps) their debut track "Running" just yesterday and it instantly commands attention with shimmering 80's inspired guitarscapes, atmospheric layers of glistening guitars lay a perefct bed of melody amongst tight percussion and synths which shine brightly around the wonderful, melodramatic vocal, it simply swirls around your brain and commands you to press play again, you can't help but be impressed.

I don't know too much else for now, the band have a self-curated night in Liverpool next month... Anyway, I hope The Great Escape bookers are listening, Veyu are a band to keep an eye on, that much is obvious.